I'm a literature nerd, a computer geek, and a video game dork. I have all my bases covered. I'm a cynic and an optimist, a dreamer and a realist, a logician who values emotion. Sometimes I write poetry, or play the guitar, when no one is around. Sometimes I play for people, but only rarely.


I speak French. I have a particular fondness for chow mein. Sea cucumbers are not a vegetable, much to my chagrin. I once played a villain in a high school play, and I've never been as nice of a person since. I'm existential, french-stiz, a modern Sisyphus. When I was young I would climb into the rabbit hutch with my favorite rabbits for hours at a time.


I'm sufficiently random, quiet, and idealistic. I love the rain, the stars, and fuzzy caterpillars. I'm compelled to understand.